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From a pedigree of champions, the Catalyst cut its teeth in the crucible of the America's Cup and this DNA of uncompromising performance courses through every custom iteration.

These high-performance catamarans are lightweight, very capable sea boats with exceptional ride and handling. Every Catalyst is meticulously crafted, not just assembled, with our team of artisans pouring their passion into ensuring every boat is completed to Lloyd’s exacting standards.
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America's Cup Boats

Powerful and practical, these are the “work boats” of the Catalyst fleet. Constructed with a minimum of luxury features, America’s Cup Catalysts can handle the rough and tumble and are generally commissioned by professional sailing yacht race teams.


Yacht Tenders

Catalysts are not only superb luxury yacht tenders - they excel at multi-tasking. So, if fast, comfortable transport to get you from the airport, or if the best kite foiling or dive spot is not such a great place to anchor, then a Catalyst could be the solution you are looking for.



For the same reasons Catalysts make superb luxury yacht tenders, they equally fulfil the role of luxury resort tender. Especially if a multi-function tender is required. Effortlessly transport guests in comfort to and from the resort or whisk them away to a breathtaking, unspoilt beach; a Catalyst resort tender makes the journey as much fun as the destination.