Boating at the
extreme edge

As they are workboats, the America’s Cup Catalyst is minimalist by design; however, they are still highly customisable. The hull length can be anywhere from 11.5m (35ft) to 18m (60ft) and, although the standard fixtures and fittings are utilitarian, most owners up-spec their boats with more luxurious appointments.

America’s Cup Catalysts have an approximate dry weight of 5,500 kg (compared to production boats of a similar size weighing in at over 6,500 kg); this lightweight construction means the usable payload is significantly increased without loss of performance. Additionally, fuel efficiency is improved.

One of the primary duties these boats were designed for is to provide real-time, on-water performance analysis of the America’s Cup racing yachts. This is made possible because Catalysts are highly stable and smooth, even at very high speeds.