Not for everyone

When choosing a Catalyst, you are more than just buying a boat; you are joining an exclusive group of discerning individuals – you are making a bold declaration of individuality, a statement proclaiming that you do not settle for the ordinary and having things your way is the only way.

And although other boat builders will tell you you can customise their boats, what they really mean is you can choose from a limited number of pre-determined options. Want to change the shape of the cabin superstructure, make it water jet powered, add foils – the response is a smug smile and a resounding “NO”!

So, if you want your guests' introduction to your resort to be mundane, derivative, and uninspiring, then don’t talk to us.

If, however, you want to astound with a meticulously crafted tender, finished to superyacht standards with the DNA of an America’s Cup chase boat co-created by you. Then, let's get started.