Rejuvenating vessels:
Our refit solutions

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At Lloyd Stevenson Boatbuilders, we are your trusted partner in delivering top-tier refit services that cater to the distinct needs of boat owners.

With a history of crafting luxury custom boats, we understand the significance of maintaining and enhancing the functionality, aesthetics, and value of yours’. From 10m to 30m, our dedicated team of skilled boatbuilders and engineers have the experience and expertise to handle all your refit requirements, ranging from structural repairs and system upgrades to aesthetic refinements, modifications and full boat refurbishment.

Our comprehensive refit solutions encompass both wood and composite vessels, accommodating sailboats and powerboats alike. Our focus extends beyond the mechanical aspects to encompass aesthetic enhancements and technological integrations. From restoring structural integrity to exterior and interior upgrades or a complete make-over, we take pride in offering a comprehensive service that ensures your boat emerges refreshed, renewed and better than before.

As a one-stop destination, our expertise extends to painting, engineering, and electronics. This comprehensive approach allows us to address every facet of your vessel's health and performance. Our dedicated team, led by Royce and backed by decades of experience, ensures that every refit project is meticulously executed while adhering to the highest quality standards.

Whether you're a seasoned mariner seeking to restore your boat's former glory or a new boat owner looking to personalise and optimise your vessel, Lloyd Stevenson Boatbuilders is here to guide you through the journey. We believe that your boat deserves nothing but the best, and our commitment to excellence ensures that your refit experience is seamless, gratifying, and rewarding. Reach out to us to discuss your refit needs and embark on a transformative voyage for your beloved vessel.